Our Coffee

We’re very excited to be able to offer you our very own bespoke coffee, blended for us by local coffee merchants Ethical Addictions following tasting sessions with our staff (or cupping as it’s known in the trade).

Our Rainforest Village Espresso is exclusive to In The Park cafés, a rich, hand crafted blend of Farm Direct coffees including coffee from the highest village on Mt. Kilimanjaro at 6000ft!

We have been working with EA for seven years now, and are seriously in awe of the work they do in sourcing coffee direct from the farms, returning a much larger proportion of the price to the people who actually do the work.  Not to mention the fantastic coffees they produce.

Because of the relationship with EA, In The Park are only one step away from the producer and the coffee we serve has full transparency with regards to farming methods, environmental care, working conditions and price - far beyond standard Fairtrade certified processes. This is ‘fairly traded’ without the brand mark, and makes a huge difference to the price EA can pay the farmers.

We asked Ian, Head Bean and founder of EA to explain a bit more:

“Through EA Direct Trade we offer complete transparency of the whole process, not just traceability. It's easy to trace a source, but information on how much producers are paid and what conditions they have are elusive. EA know the names of the producers we work with, and can tell you exactly how much they are paid"

Good stuff!